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Ondevan Campervans


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January 2019 – August 2020


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Owner: Omar Bendezu

How did Omar Bendezu, an RV solopreneur from Florida, increase his bookings by 160%, revenue by 280% and free up his time to grow his business, all with no physical location? 

With his website and Wheelbase Pro of course.

This is his story.

“ As business owners our main job is to add value to our businesses… and I wasn’t doing that… dedicating so much time to building the website on my own and improving my SEO… that was challenging because I wasn’t an expert ”
Omar Bendezu
Omar Bendezu

The Problem

When Omar found us, he had already invested seven months and ongoing maintenance into building and managing his website. The headaches and time spent on his website took him away from what his strength was, and where his focus should have been.

Marketing His Business.

The Challenges

  • Re-built multiple times
  • Not SEO Optimized
  • Not Mobile Responsive
  • Looked Untrustworthy 
  • Limited Analytics
  • Basic Wheelbase Pro integration
  • Poor User Experience

The Solution

Ondevan’s new site was built employing digital best-practices and designed with data insights to improve performance. By maintaining Omar’s hard earned SEO ranking and empowered with knowledge that 60% the site’s traffic came from mobile, his new responsive website with Wheelbase Pro integration was launched..

Old Website RTOWN Website
Outdoorsy logo
"I think the model of RTOWN overall, and their DNA, is working with small and medium businesses to get them to that next level and really showing up as a serious brand online"
Evan Hopkins
Evan Hopkins
Outdoorsy | VP Global Sales & Customer Operations
We tried to use freelancers and website design companies recommended by friends with well established businesses. None of them were able to deliver the outstanding, well designed, fully integrating website we needed. RTOWN sets itself apart from any other provider out there because they understand the RV platforms and can easily integrate Wheelbase/Outdoorsy and privately made reservations as well as track any increase or decrease in traffic and learn from those ever changing trends. This is not your standard made up testimonial written by some hack, this is a very happy customer telling you to go for it, give RTOWN a chance. you won't regret it.
Efrain Vega
Efrain Vega

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